A Canadian Copyright Decision Tree for BC Educators

November 27, 2014

Recently, I was asked to present at Jane Jacek’s (@JEJacek on twitter) school in #SD61 Victoria on the topic of copyright and copyright compliance. As part of the preparation process, I thought it would be handy to have a decision tree. I though one already existed for this, but when I tried to track one down I couldn’t find one. So, I thought I would just have to make one for Canadian copyright and teachers. I needed a big virtual canvas for this as it has various pathways. So, the actual decision tree is housed as a Prezi. The image below is a single screen capture of the entire canvas of “A Canadian Copyright Decision Tree for BC Educators“. Please click on the link above, image or link below, to go to the Prezi itself and see the content in more detail.Hengstler's Canadian Copyright Decision Making Tree


Link to Prezi: A Canadian Copyright Decision Tree for BC Educators (J. Hengstler, 2014)

Feel free to comment or send me an email if you find any errors or omissions you feel should be included.

I hope it helps Canadian teachers–especially those in my province–more readily navigate copyright decisions.


Shifting Landscapes of ProD Wiki

June 22, 2009

Awhile back, Sylvia Currie asked if I might present a poster session with her & Betty Gilgoff at the Canadian e-Learning Conference in Vancouver in June 2009.  (Sylvia is  a consultant &  the Manager of Community Services with BCcampus Online.  Betty Gilgoff is the Inservice Faculty Associate for Field Programs at Simon Fraser University. ) Unfortunately, due to various commitments I was unable to attend in person but was able to contribute to their Wiki for the session.

Please take a look at our wiki, “Shifting Landscapes of Professional Learning” http://shiftinglandscapes.pbworks.com/

My section dealt with my journey of twitter adoption/use in conjunction with delicious:  “Using Twitter (and Delicious) for Professional Collaboration, Development, and Instruction”  http://shiftinglandscapes.pbworks.com/Using-Twitter-(and-Delicious)-for-Professional-Collaboration%2C-Development%2C-and-Instruction

Let us know what you think….

When Twitter Just Wasn’t Enough: StatsCan Resources

May 14, 2009

Here I am.  StatsCan resources had just more than I could tweet–& 140 characters was not up to the task.

StatsCan has some fabulous resources for Canadian history & social studeis teachers & students. Here is an excerpt from their email newsletter about the Historical version of the Canada Year Book & resources by age groups:

“Canada Year Book is available free on the Internet in the Canada Year Book (CYB) Historical Collection
The Teachers’ toolbox which accompanies the CYB Historical Collection offers theme-based lesson plans
that support curriculum in history and social studies. Specially designed lessons for intermediate and secondary
grade levels will help students to develop critical thinking skills and interpret original source documents.
Lessons cover:
• Changing families and households Intermediate Secondary
• Lives of men and women Intermediate Secondary
• Occupations Intermediate Secondary
• Economic gains Intermediate Secondary
• The Great Depression Intermediate Secondary
• Communications Intermediate Secondary
• Ethnocultural diversity Intermediate Secondary
• Provinces and manufacturing Intermediate Secondary
• Immigration and emigration Intermediate Secondary

StatsCan Consultants Help Educators for FREE!

May 14, 2009

From the StatsCan Website of the Week 6/5/08

“Ask one of the five StatCan education fulltime regional representatives across the
country, who offer these free services:

• one-on-one telephone/e-mail support
• workshops on StatCan resources at
professional development days and
conferences, or made-to-measure for your
school or district
• consultation with curriculum advisors and
textbook publishers
• articles for teacher newsletters and websites
To find your nearest representative, go to the Teacher’s page of Learning Resources,
under “Regional support” at http://www.statcan.ca/english/edu/reps-tea.htm.”