Go2Web20: directory of Web 2.0 resources

June 23, 2009

go2web20_logo http://beta.go2web20.net/

A big shout out to TeacherTechBlog http://teachertechblog.com/ for turning me on to Go2Web20. This site provides a directory of web 2.0 & social networking applications searchable by keywords–like elearning, teacher, knowledge, community, etc. Here is a screen shot of a search on “elearning”.


When you mouse over each icon you get a brief descriptor. If that’s not enough info the little keypad looking icon at the top right of the search allows you to switch to an annotated list view like below:

annotated view

This is going to be one of my new favourites as I dig in to find gems like http://yacapaca.com/ Where I can create online activities & assessments for students.

yacapacaI sure hope this moves out of beta–try it yourself.