Twitterview with BC OIPC’s Assistant Commissioner, Michael McEvoy

Twitterview with Michael McEvoy

Assistant Commissioner Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of BC
Via Twitter September 19, 2013 at 7 pm Pacific Time

Join my OLTD 506 (#oltd506) class from the Faculty of Education at Vancouver Island University   as we welcome the Assistant Commissioner for the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of BC for a Twitterview about BC Privacy, Social Media & Education. This will be followed by a short Twitterchat where the Assistant Commissioner will take questions from the Twitter attendees.

The Twitter event will use the hashtags #oltd506 & #bced

An Edited Storify Version of this Event is Published Here:


In preparation, I will be collecting interview questions from the general public as well as my post-graduate social media students and compiling them into similar categories and themes to be used in the Twitterview. If you have burning questions around BC privacy and how it relates to social media and BC Education, please email them to me by September 17, 2013.


  • As preparation for the Twitterview
    • Make sure your Twitter account is up & running
    • Try following the #oltd hashtag if you’re not already doing so
    • Try posting one tweet with “#oltd506” in it to see if it shows up
    • You might want to follow & do same for #bced
    • Log in to twitter on 9/19 and be ready to go at 7 pm Pacific


  • Moderator introduces self (me) &  guest (Assistant Commissioner McEvoy).
  • Guest will say hello & maybe a couple opening Tweets
  • Moderator gives guest one of the prepared questions.
  • Guest replies.
  • We will share a few of the question/response exchanges for about 15-20 minutes.
  • Moderator or Guest will indicate that Twitterview portion is over & we’re open to questions/comments from the group.
  • People participating in the Twitterchat portion should be sure to use the #oltd506 & #bced hashtags.


If you have a question for the Assistant Commissioner, please begin your tweet with “@BCInfoPrivacy” and put the hashtags #oltd506 & #bced at the end.

For example,  a question would be posted like: “@BCInfoPrivacy Do you think adolescents value privacy as much as adults?  #oltd506 #bced”

ABOUT Michael McEvoy, Assistant Commissioner

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia

Picture of Michael McEvoy, Assistant Commissioner

Michael McEvoy

Michael McEvoy is the Assistant Commissioner, Policy and Technology with the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (OIPC).

Prior to this appointment, he was the Senior Adjudicator for the OIPC responsible for the overseeing of order writing related to access to information and personal privacy complaints. Mr. McEvoy also assisted Commissioner Elizabeth Denham with special projects including the OIPC’s response to the Federal Government’s Bill C-30.He has previously acted as legal counsel to the Labour Relations Board, practiced law in the private sector and worked as an advisor to the Attorney General of British Columbia.

Mr. McEvoy is active in community matters locally and provincially serving as President of the BC School Trustees Association and Trustee as on the Greater Victoria Board of Education. He recently concluded a term as Campaign Chair of the United Way of Greater Victoria.

He is the proud father of two daughters and is married to Judy, a school principal.

(Biography courtesy of the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia)

Background to the Event

If you follow me on Twitter (@jhengstler), you may know that I’m teaching a post-graduate Education course on social media for BC educators. It’s the 6th course in the Online Learning and Teaching Diploma (#OLTD) Program at Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo, BC. Officially, my course is OLTD 506 Special Topics: Social Media.

Maybe you’ve read “A K-12 Primer for British Columbia Teachers Posting Students’ Work Online” from an earlier blog post. If not, you may not be aware that “BC’s privacy laws are arguably the strongest in Canada” (Cooper, Southwell & Portal, 2011, ). Teachers—especially those using social media—have to stay current with our legal obligations to protect student privacy. This doesn’t mean social media is banned—it just means we need to know the rules & abide by them. Privacy is one of the topics addressed in the first module of OLTD 506, called “Foundations & Boundaries”.

If you would like more information on the OLTD Program at Vancouver Island University, or my OLTD 506, email me


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