Why is the YouTube Video a Black Box That Won’t Play in My PPT 2010 Slide? Fixed

Ok, I guess this is a bit of false advertising, because I don’t really know why it’s a black void. What I do know,  is that with the help of some information from choochlevis at Computer Tips and Tricks, Office Softwares blog (See PowerPoint Tips: Free Way to Play YouTube Video in Powerpoint, March 3, 2009) , and a couple steps of my own, I was able to fix it. Might help some others.

1)      Go to your YouTube video.

2)      Click on share button below it.

3)      Make sure you check “Use old embed code”.

4)      Copy  & paste the content from the embed code content

into a Word document. You’ll just want 1 piece of it & the embed code area in YouTube may not let you select just the part you need. You should get something like this:

5)      Find the string of text that looks like what’s in red below starting  after “movie” value=” until just before the closing quotation marks:

6)      Copy just that string of code—but NOT the quotation marks.

7)      Open your PowerPoint.

8)      Go to where you want to embed the YouTube that will play from the internet (It’s a different scenario if you are downloading a copy of the Youtube video and running from that!)

9)      Click the Developer tab in Ribbon at top of PPT 2010

10)   In the Developer tab, look for Controls group & the icon with the wrench & hammer—click on it.

11)   You’ll see “More Controls”. Scroll down in the list and find Shockwave flash object & click OK.

12)   When the hash mark appears

, click & drag it to draw box as big as you want video to play in the slide.

13)   Right click on that box and select Properties & paste the URL in your clipboard to the box across from “Movie”.

14)   Close the Property box by clicking on the X at the upper right.

15)   Preview your slide—click on the Slide Show tab in the ribbon & select From Current Slide.


4 Responses to Why is the YouTube Video a Black Box That Won’t Play in My PPT 2010 Slide? Fixed

  1. Wow way cool, thank you Julia for posting that.

  2. I love what you have done here. I always love to learn how to make projects more in depth and just a higher quality. The only complaint I have is when I was finished with inputting the video and saved it to my flash drive when I loaded it up on another computer i had to re-enter the URL to the video. Not a huge issue but still slightly annoying. If there was a mistake I made I would love to be corrected. However, if it is just an impossibility due to PP i would not be surprised and would understand.

  3. Chanell says:

    Awesome!!! Thank you so much!!!

  4. This worked for me, thanks. Adding a ;autoplay=1 to the url makes it autoplay as well.

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