Google City Tours Educational Applications?

googlecitytoursJust got a look at the new project from GoogleLabs–Google City Tours.  This could provide a tool for some very cool projects in social studies, history, culture, etc. For example, students could create a “Great City” tour in a country being studied and share it with the class–why certain locations were chosen & significance.  Also, could provide an interesting collaboration opportunity with students in a different country. Students in location A create a city tour for location B. Students in location B create a city tour for location A. Then students go on the respective tours returning blogs, podcasts, videos and pictures about the places. Talk about a virtual field trip. Maybe GoogleLabs–or someone else could create a clearinghouse to create networks–or maybe this could piggy back on the ePals site? Going to contact ePals now about the possibility.

What about a creating a specific tour of Google’s Ancient 3D Model of Rome?

What other potential educational uses can you contribute?


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