When Twitter Just Wasn’t Enough: StatsCan Resources

Here I am.  StatsCan resources had just more than I could tweet–& 140 characters was not up to the task.

StatsCan has some fabulous resources for Canadian history & social studeis teachers & students. Here is an excerpt from their email newsletter about the Historical version of the Canada Year Book & resources by age groups:

“Canada Year Book is available free on the Internet in the Canada Year Book (CYB) Historical Collection
The Teachers’ toolbox which accompanies the CYB Historical Collection offers theme-based lesson plans
that support curriculum in history and social studies. Specially designed lessons for intermediate and secondary
grade levels will help students to develop critical thinking skills and interpret original source documents.
Lessons cover:
• Changing families and households Intermediate Secondary
• Lives of men and women Intermediate Secondary
• Occupations Intermediate Secondary
• Economic gains Intermediate Secondary
• The Great Depression Intermediate Secondary
• Communications Intermediate Secondary
• Ethnocultural diversity Intermediate Secondary
• Provinces and manufacturing Intermediate Secondary
• Immigration and emigration Intermediate Secondary


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